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Oppose National "Right-to-Work [For Less]" Legislation!

A national “Right-to-Work” bill, H.R. 785, was just introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives by longtime mouthpiece for anti-union construction contractors, Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa). This legislation is designed to lower workers’ wages, shut down unions, and maximize CEO profits.

“Right-to-work” laws thrust the government into the middle of labor-management negotiations. It eliminates “union security” clauses in collective bargaining agreements, which simply require workers who benefit under an agreement to pay their fair share. “Right-to-work” laws even allow an individual worker to avoid paying a dime for the cost of taking up a grievance on their behalf. Yet the union still has a duty to represent the worker.

“Right-to-work” is wrong. It is wrong for workers, employers, and is simply un-American.

Please click here to contact your Representative right now and urge them to stand up for working families by opposing H.R. 785, national “Right-to-Work” legislation. “Right-to-Work” isn’t about improving working conditions, increasing wages, or providing a secure retirement for workers. It does not increase jobs. It only lowers standards for all workers.

Studies have shown that states with “Right-to-Work” laws suffer:

  • Lower Wages and Incomes
  • Lower Rates of Health Insurance Coverage
  • Higher Poverty and Infant Mortality Rates
  • Higher Workplace Fatality Rates

A list of California’s Representatives and their contact information is attached. Or click here to contact your Represenative now with a draft email!