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Are you concerned about unsafe working conditions?

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Joining IBEW 569 gives you the safety, security, and stability to do your job well

Safer working conditions

IBEW only works with employers and contractors who thoroughly follow all safety standards. Your safety is our business.

Protective equipment for the job

We make sure the employers are responsible for providing you with the right tools for the job. Including proper PPE gear and power tools that meets required safety standards.

Complete medical & benefits package

Work confidently knowing you're covered in case of an accident. Get Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, Disability insurance, and Worker's Compensation.

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Sharpen your skills, get consistent work, advance your career


Opportunities for advancement

Working non-union, you're pigeon-holed with no chance for advancement. With IBEW 569, you get opportunities to grow your skills through on-the-job training, education, certifications, and apprenticeships.


We connect you to your next job

Never worry again if there's work for you next week. Or the week after. We're a hiring hall with contractors lining up outside the door, looking to hire our electricians.


Use shiny new tools and technology

Leave your $3k worth of tools at home. When you work union, the employers are responsible for providing the right tools for the job. No more worrying about expensive lost or broken tools.

Opportunities for something new

Electricians gets tired of the same old thing everyday. As a union member, you get the opportunity to choose your employer.

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We're IBEW Local 569.

We help electrical workers build a lasting career.

You deserve to get paid what you’re worth.

Like you, we get mad when we think of temp agencies or people in suits taking half your paycheck, cutting your benefits, and leaving you hung out to dry.

Founded in 1920, IBEW 569 has 100 years of experience helping electrical workers San Diego and Imperial counties.

At the end of the day, electrical workers want to enjoy a honest day’s work for a good day’s pay.

IBEW 569 is here for you.

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Over 100 Years

Advocating for electricians and families

$100,000+ / YEAR

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If you’re tired of gambling your safety for a quick buck, call us today.

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