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New Employment-Related Laws for 2019

Please note that there are new labor laws that will impact some of our members or their families in one way or another. Our staff is becoming familiar with these laws and changes and seek to provide excellent service to our members. 

  1. Employers will be held to higher accountability for workplace infractions.
  2. On January 1st, the minimum wage will go to $11 per hour for employers with 25 or fewer employees, and $12 per hour for businesses staffing more than 26 employees.
  3. There will be tighter laws around sexual harassment. 
  4. Nursing laws.
  5. PAGA (Private Attorneys General Act) relief for Unionized Construction Employers
  6. Employee payroll Records
  7. Contractor Liability
  8. Criminal History Inquiries
  9. Worker Misclassification ie: employee vs contractor

The below link gives a brief overview of some of the stated changes.