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IBEW 569 FAST-START Apprentices Strengthening San Diego

Greetings from the San Diego Electrical Training Center!

Ten individuals who have met the stringent, physical and mental requirements for entering the apprenticeship have started FAST-START training. This is a seven week, eight hour a day, rigorous training program. This program is designed so that an apprentice is not just given a job, but will keep the job, by showing that they are a valuable, highly skilled  employees for their new company.

The training program starts off with physical training, to make sure the  apprentice knows that their body is a part of their required tool list. It has to be kept in good shape and ready to go at all times. The easiest way to become valuable to a company is to keep moving all day and become known as a ”worker”.

This class is followed by Structured cabling, Fiber optics, Constructions class, and Safety and basic electricity. We are also including five classes on Fire Alarms systems  this semester.

Our San Diego NECA contractors and Local 569,  have been the spine of the program! Audio Associates, Baker Electric, Construction Electronics, COSCO Fire Protection, Dynalectric, NEAL Electric, and Pyro-Com Systems Inc., have snapped up this high quality class of individuals.

A few statistics about the students: 4 out of ten are military, Marine, Navy(2), and an Army Ranger, 9 out of ten live in San Diego County, 6 have networking experience, 6 have construction experience, 5 have done charity work in the past, 3 have coached sports, 6 are married, and 3 have a four year college degree.

We have completed our third week and will continue to finely hone our skills to become the best union members and NECA contractor employees possible.

In Unity,

Timothy Moylan | Sound & Communications Coordinator | San Diego Electrical Training Center

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