State Building Trades Notice: New Non-Union Contractor Organization

State Building and Construction Trades Council of California
March 12, 2019




Nonunion Contractors Support New Organization in Response to SBCTC Legislative Victories


The State Building & Construction Trades Council of California has become aware that nonunion contractors are supporting a new organization that has launched the website in their continued efforts to lower the bar and lower the pay for California’s construction workers.

In the “About US” section of this website, the so-called CAOT gives the SBCTC and our affiliates credit for ensuring higher wages for union construction workers. The CAOT also states: “In the state of California, the Union building trades have dominated the legislature to pass laws that prevent Merit Shops from obtaining ‘prevailing wage’ jobs. This keeps these workers from earning higher wages without being a member of the big labor unions.” Of course this is an exaggeration.

As you are aware, in past legislative sessions, the SBCTC has been successful in passing legislation that ensures fair wages for California’s construction workers and an even playing field for union contractors. Examples include SB 54 which created a skilled and trained workforce at California’s refineries, AB 1701 which killed contractors’ ability to exploit the underground economy to pay sub-legal wages, and SB 7 which provides financial incentives for Charter Cities to pay the prevailing wage.

The State Building Trades have been working hard to ensure fair pay for hard work. These Sacramento based efforts, coupled with extensive efforts from local councils to get district-wide, county-wide, city-wide and private PLAs, continue to keep unscrupulous contractors from underbidding their competitors by reducing their ability to cheat their workers of the prevailing wage.

SBCTC President Robbie Hunter states: “This new organization calls itself the California Association of Trades, although a Florida entity registered the website and their fax number serves Southern Illinois. If you see any activity at job sites or otherwise in your area by an organization of this name, please collect any materials they are distributing and contact the SBCTC. Please take the time to review the website so you are familiar with this organization:”

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