State Building Trades ALERT: New Initiative Threatens Building Trades Jobs

State Building and Construction Trades Council of California
October 10, 2018
Carl DeMaio Pushes New Initiative that Threatens Building Trades Jobs
Carl DeMaio is a failed politician and talk-show radio host from San Diego who gathered the signatures to put Proposition 6 on the ballot. This ballot proposition would repeal SB1, which is providing funding to rebuild the crumbling roads and 1,600 structurally deficient bridges throughout the state of California. He has a strong dislike for unions, particularly in the building and construction trades. In his latest attack on the building trades, he is aiming to get a NEW initiative on the 2020 ballot that would basically put California on the path to becoming a right-to-work state for construction workers.
If he is successful with Proposition 6, then his recently filed ballot initiative for 2020 will easily find the funding to gather the signatures to go on the ballot. This newly proposed initiative, which has yet to be given a title or number, will make it illegal for state government to set wage rates for construction workers on public works projects.
In other words, it removes California’s prevailing wage and bans project labor agreements. It also defunds and immediately halts high-speed rail, where at this time over 2,200 building trades members are working on 120 miles of the rail lines in the north, with construction beginning in the south on projects such as the Rosecrans Boulevard overpass in Los Angeles, Union Station/the Burbank Connector, and the completed Anaheim Regional Transportation Center.
If we beat Proposition 6, we believe that this new initiative will be unable to get the financial or political support it needs to gather signatures and be allowed on the ballot. This makes a no vote on Proposition 6 even more important, as DeMaio’s recent initiative shows how the repeal of SB 1 will be only the beginning of a concerted effort to turn California into a right-to-work state for construction workers.
Each trade and individual union should double their efforts to oppose Proposition 6. If your local union or District Council has not financially supported stopping Proposition 6, please consider doing so as soon as possible.
If we win today, we will stop them tomorrow. 
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