Remarks of Nick Segura, IBEW 569 Business Manager before CA Air Resources Board: Innovative Clean Transit Rule

September 28, 2018

CA Air Resources Board: Innovative Clean Transit Rule

Friday, September 28, 2018


  • My name is Nick Segura, Business Manager of IBEW Local Union 569 representing over 3,300 electrical workers in San Diego and Imperial Counties.


  • We support the Innovative Clean Transit rule and urge you to move forward to finalize and adopt this critical proposal.


  • The ICT rule will help clean our air, create good, middle-class jobs and establish California as a national leader in clean transportation.


  • In fact, IBEW 569 has already launched the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program and IBEW electricians are building charging infrastructure throughout the state to support the growth of zero-emission vehicles.


  • The ICT rule will help accelerate this industry growth.


  • We are already seeing momentum. In San Diego, our Metropolitan Transit System, has approved a zero-emission bus pilot for 6 buses.


  • And, given our state’s leadership on clean energy as well as San Diego’s local 100% renewable goal, we see a bright future for zero-emission transit buses to be powered by clean, solar energy - another sector that has put thousands of IBEW electricians and apprentices to work.


  • Another benefit of this rule relates to air quality, a concern of ours as most of our members work outside in construction. This rule will help reduce air pollution in the communities where they live and work.


  • Finally, we know we are running out of time to address our climate crisis. We support the ICT as another vital tool in California’s toolkit to reduce harmful climate emissions from transportation.


  • The ICT is a win-win for our environment, our economy and working families and we speak in strong support.      

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