Passing of Retired Albert E. Freire

January 12, 2017

We mourn the passing of Retired J.W. Albert E. Freire, who passed on January 2, 2017.  He was 85 years old, and had been a member of Local 569 and the I.B.E.W. for over 57 years. 

Albert (known as Al) was a Local 447 contemporary of Carl Burns.  Al was initiated in 1959, and decided to complete his apprenticeship and work for several years through Local 447.   Al’s ‘transfer’ became effective when Local 447 amalgamated with Local 569 in 1980.  Throughout that decade, Al worked at; Bechtel 2&3 (2 times), Foley, Mustang Engineering, Supreme Electric (2 times), Hinson (2 times), Saturn, Bechtel GPA, Dravo, Atkinson, and Bob Van Der Linden Electric, before retiring in 1995, at age 64.  After ‘living the life’ for five years, Supreme Electric had an opportunity that Al couldn’t ignore, so he ‘returned to trade’  .  .  .  for another year!  Al then ‘returned to pension’ status in mid-2001. 

Always a gentleman, we will miss him.  Al’s two sons also joined Local 569, and both graduated from the JATC.  Frank was a member from 1979 to 2012, when he passed, at the age of 51.  Robert became a member in 1983, and is still our member, even though he’s been living in Texas for several years.  

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