IBEW 569 Healthcare Update

September 24, 2020

IBEW 569 continues to take action during the pandemic to protect our members' health and welfare.

Recently, the IBEW 569 / NECA Trust voted to lower monthly required hours needed for healthcare coverage from 145 hours to 140 hours.

For all hours worked starting in October, that equate to January coverage, members will only need 140 hours to keep coverage.

IBEW Votes


We encourage all IBEW brothers and sisters to use IBEWvotes.com to register to vote, stay informed, review IBEW endorsements, and vote for candidates and policies that support working families!

Always, our #1 priority in determining who receives the endorsement of IBEW 569 is whether the candidate or the initiative will result in more work for our members with higher wages, and a better quality of life.