March 9, 2011

FAST-START, group two is in their fourth week of full time training. They are excited, invigorated, and want to make themselves the “Best they can be”. Their day starts off with pushups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, power walking up and down hills, and then proceeds to the skills portion of their profession and day. They are learning to install structured cabling according to National EIA/TIA Standards, understanding fiber optic systems, construction methods, fire alarms, OSHA safety regulations, and first aid, CPR. The sound of battery powered drills, sawzalls, portabands, hack saws, and sweat hitting the floor are heard as the students learn the skills needed to jump right into being a team player as an IBEW 569 member.

IBEW Votes


IBEW Votes is an ongoing effort to encourage all IBEW brothers and sisters to register to vote, stay informed on current events and local elections, and to get out and vote for policies and candidates that support working families.