COVID-19 Mortgage / Rent / Eviction Relief

March 30, 2020


You may qualify for 90-day relief from mortgage payments, forbearance or additional programs like those related to rent relief and credit reporting. Contact your mortgage lender directly to find out.

You may also fall under new rules preventing evictions. For a list of cities who have passed eviction moratoriums, visit

To apply for mortgage, rent, or utlity assistance, click here: and get more details here:

For rent relief, below is some information on tenants’ rights from the Community Law Project. However, it is important to first note: none of these policies permanently waive rental payments. 

In response to the widespread economic and public health impact of COVID-19, San Diego County and a number of cities within the County have passed “eviction moratoriums”.  The moratoriums provide important legal protections from eviction for tenants who are unable to pay their monthly rent because of COVID-19 related financial hardship. 

A tenant who has experienced a substantial decrease in household income or unanticipated medical expenses due to the economic impact of COVID-19, who as a result is unable to pay full rent, is required to notify his/her landlord / property manager of the inability to pay.  The notice must be in writing and the landlord/ property manager must be notified on or before the date rent becomes due.  A tenant must also provide the landlord/ property manager with supplemental documentation of the financial hardship within 7 days of the date rent becomes due.  Documentation may include letters, text messages or emails in communication with an employer, financial statements, business records, physician’s letter, social worker or service provider’s letter, verifiable personal statement, medical bills, and/or a combination thereof. 

This is extremely time-sensitive given that the first of the month is rapidly approaching.  If eligible tenants do not give notification and provide documentation, they will likely lose protections under the moratoriums.  While the requirements to notify and provide documentation may vary slightly among the cities in the County, it is strongly recommended that ALL eligible tenants in San Diego County follow the protocol outlined above. Please refer to this NOTICE TEMPLATE as a resource for notifying your landlord/property manager of your inability to pay.

For more information about San Diego’s eviction moratoriums, please follow these links:





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